Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 18, 2012

What is the OPPOSITE of the SHIT Hitting the Fan?

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

I am soooo THANK-FULL for YOU! I am in the middle of SO MUCH MAGIC that I don’t even know where to begin. Three years ago someone was brave enough to give me an invitation to attend an open house for The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine in Medway, Massachusetts ( Like most of us life moves very fast for me so for me to even stop and go to such a thing…well, using the word “miracle” is not too ludicrous for the change that I at the time a mother of a 13, 5, 2 and 1 year old (who was still breast-feeding) would take 19 full weekends (Friday-Sunday) and countless other days of training over the last three years to get to this very profound and proud moment. It is also “funny” how this school is only 7 minutes from my house while others because they live in other parts of the world have to take several planes many times a year to attend this school! WOW!!!

So with all this it is with my heart wide open and full of gratitude that I announce that this weekend I am graduating from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. I have gotten three other diplomas in my life, Hudson High, Boston College and Simmons College but this one this Sunday blows them all away.  Why do I have the ovaries to say that? Well, because the others were merely about my head and this one was still about my head but it was also about my heart. I am starting to see who I really am in this world and how I can live my life’s purpose…which for me is TO BE THE FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOULS!! I live it now more and more and it is my ZONE. I could not have done it without the amazing program. I also could not have done it without the help of my incredible husband who all too often lives under the Maria light. Let me state publically and clearly that I could not do what I do without his amazing support! I would also like to thank my mom Raquel who many of you know had a very special birthday yesterday. She helped out a lot as did our friend Kären and my brother João. Thank you to my beautiful children who have helped ground me and taught me the concept of AUTHENTICITY. Finally I would like to thank my classmates and teachers. There are too many to name but the profound effect you have for my soul in this lifetime is ABSOLUTELY IMMEASURABLE!!! It takes a village and I am oh-so thankful for all your incredible support!!!

This morning, after only a very few hours of sleep while finishing up some school stuff, I woke up feeling absolutely exhilarated!!! I want to ride in the magic of today and this weekend! What a glorious day! It started off with my 5am running group in which an incredible new member joined. I could have run another 3 miles I was feeling so good. Then at 6am I had my first client of the day. She is someone who has been to a lot of doctors who could not help her but with the work I have learned she is doing incredibly well. It is wonderful to see her face light up as she talks about how her life is shifting, even her husband is shifting because she is. As I got the girls ready for school, I had to pay extra special attention to Mialotta, my 8 year old today because she has a splint on her arm which thankfully yesterday we found out was only a sprain. It is hard for her to get dressed so I had some wonderful bonding time with my girls gingerly getting them dressed. It was such a gift. Finally, as I came down the stairs to get their forms signed and backpacks filled Mialotta and Olivia came in to let me know that THE ROBINS ARE BACK…

Some of you know the story about the robins and our Sophia. Every day Sophia and I would go to the back yard to see the beautiful robins’ nest that was eye–level if we are standing on the deck. Sophia love love loved those birds! I am having a hard time writing this because it is just sooooooo deep and profound for me! (breathe Maria breathe) Ok back to the blog… So the nest had about four or five babies in it and slowly day by day they all started flying out. On the last day, Sophia and I got there just in time to see the last one fly out, almost fall to the ground and then soar into the sky. It was SUCH a special moment for us. Sophia clapped, giggled and laughed as did her mommy 😉 The very next next our Sophia died and at the courtyard in the hospital there was a robin in a very unusual place that just sat there as I was calling people letting them know that Sophia had died. Again while Doug and I were walking home from the funeral home there were two robins standing directly under each other in a very odd way. They were completely freakishly aligned. So back to our yard… that nest has been empty for seven years since Sophia died and NOW, today as I am about to graduate from a white light mystic healing school, the robins have come back.

Dear ButterflyMoms I have no idea what this means. I just know that my beautiful daughter Sophia is sooooo close I could almost touch her. I wish I could touch her because it would be one of the greatest desires of my life. I wanted to share this with you because many of you have been on this journey with me. Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of the taping of my appearance on THE OPRAH SHOW! It is all hitting at once and I am taking it all in!


To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our having our ButterflyMoms Soul Support Workshops we are having a very special celebration next Thursday. I hope if you have been sitting on the fence about coming that you finally come see what all the joy and shifting is about. It will be a pot luck so come prepared to have a wonderful time feeding your soul and your body! Details are below…

I thank you for being on this journey with me! YOU HAVE MADE IT THAT MUCH JUICIER!!!


Great big hugs,

P.S. Like the ButterflyMoms blog do ya? Want more ways to unlock your blocks?… Then come to the ButterflyMoms Soul Support Group most every Thursday at 8pm. Please note that the next one will be May 24th. 783 Washington Street in Holliston. Free and plenty of parking in the back. Only $25, or just $20 if pay through Paypal Come feed your soul!
In case you were wondering…

ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.

*Every Thursday Night we have a BUTTERFLYMOMS SOUL SUPPORT GROUP at 783 Washington Street in Holliston, MA at 8pm that feeds your soul. They started after Maria manifested her dream…with the help of Sophia…to be a guest on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW and every week since she had done the SOUL SUPPORT GROUP on Thursday nights. Any questions call my cell at 617.877.3616.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria gets up at 4:30-5:00am to write the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Tell your friends…

√  Next BUTTERFLYMOMS SOUL SUPPORT GROUP is Thursday, May 24 at 8pm. It s a VERY SPECIAL one because it is the one year anniversary of the BUTTERFLYMOMS SOUL SUPPORT GROUP! We are having a pot luck so please bring a healthy dish if you are able. It is a wonderful way to come learn to feed your magnificent soul!…783 Washington St, Holliston…. The ButterflyMoms Soul Support Group grew out of the amazing experience had of being on of THE OPRAH SHOW’s very last guests. There was only supposed to be one workshop but people kept asking to be able to come the next week and the next week and the next week until a whole year has gone by!!!! Now it’s your turn to come to this safe place where you can work out your blocks and talk about your dreams!!! Held at the offices of Brick House Realty (783 Washington S, Holliston, MA). Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in the back lot… and come right in the back entrance. Only $25, or just $20 if pay through Paypal RSVPing this time is necessary so we have enough supplies for the surprises that are going to happen! 🙂 Bring your friends!!!

√  I have space for one more coaching clients. If you are interested send me an email maria

√  Here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! !

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  1. I just love to read your words ! You are such an AMAZING WOMAN !

  2. Such joy resonates! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! It’s wonderful to watch you live your dreams.

  3. Beautiful, Maria….congratulations on your big accomplishment, and I am so happy Sophia is here with you to celebrate it….big love to you all!

  4. Amazing blog, Maria, and you are one amazing woman and don’t you forget it!

    Birds have been messagers from the spirit world for me many times in the later part of my life and at times very astounding ones at that.

    Your co-graduate,

    Lindaaaaaaaa xoxoxxoo

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