Posted by: ButterflyMoms | August 24, 2012

Day Two In Portugal… Joy Rising!

At Logan Airport in Boston on Wednesday with my girls… EIGHT BAGS plus four backpacks! Packing for a year… still I forgot stuff… Oh, well, guess Doug will have to fly here to deliver it! 🙂

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

HELLO THERE! (Olá!!!!) How many times have I thought in my mind what I wanted to write for the ButterflyMoms blog over the last three days especially! The lessons and magic are everywhere!!!

We landed in Lisboa, Portugal yesterday at 8:00am after flying all night. That is 3:00am from Boston, from where we flew out of. Even so my girls and I were sooo excited that it almost overrode being tired.

Getting on the plane… EXCITEMENT BUILDING!!!! They were actually jumping for joy!!! 😉

For those who don’t know I was actually born in Lisboa (Americans say ‘Lisbon’ but I’m here now so I’m saying ‘Lisboa’ ;). My parents immigrated a week before my fourth birthday. I’ve been to Portugal dozens and dozens of times, sometimes twice a year since then. Staying for the entire summer when I was little was common. Even so, something about this time is VERY different. I think part of it is because I’m renting a flat so it’s my own place and that in my mind I’m “living” here not just vacationing. It’s a vibe I’m feeling.

We landed in Aeroporto de Lisboa at 3am our time. The girls only slept for two hours all night. They were awesome!!!

I’m also getting flashbacks to when I graduated from Boston College and moved to Kanazawa, Ishikawa-ken, Japan for a year with the JET program (JAPANESE EXCHANGE TEACHING). I remember seeing “foreigners” there who were traveling the world with their two young kids and it left a very strong impression. I thought what a cool thing that is to do for and with your kids. Living in Japan was a totally amazing experience and being able to share it with your kids would have been AWESOME!!!!!

This adventure to me is unfolding in ways I never expected. I’m oscillating from total fear of WHAT HAVE I DONE?! (desperately missing my beautiful husband) (not having any way to communicate with the outside world) (not having a clue how certain things are done)…to a deep and total joy of PINCH ME I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW VERY AMAZING THIS FEELS!!!! (the food) (the smell of the air) (the pace of life here) (the kindness of even strangers).

Beautiful Elsa meets us with her little boy at the airport to give us the house keys. 🙂


Before I came here I was STUCK on four major details, getting a cell phone, internet access, a car and a way from the airport to our new home.  For some reason it seemed like I was totally stuck in super glue, no matter how I tried to move forward. What was sooooo awesome is that I just did my best and when I felt like I was EFFORTING I let it go. Truth be told I whined a lot, as Doug, my wedded boyfriend, will attest to, but when it went ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE I got the clue and let the control go. Well, they were all incredible lessons in asking for what I needed, letting people know what I did not want and having the patience that it all gets delivered in the time it gets delivered. Things here move at a different pace. Not as slow as someplace tropical but it is very much Mediterranean time here.

Took two cars for all our luggage and us but with a little help from our uncle and my cousins we were able to get all the help we needed! They were AMAZING!!!!

We are at the end of day two living in Portugal and I’m having a ball, as are the girls! We have already done soooo much in such a short amount of time. We are not rushing at all. One thing is just falling into the next. Today we went to a MASSIVE park that in America would cost a ton but here is free for families to play together. BRILLIANT. Sure there is an economic crisis here but the people are still beautiful and kind.  Simple happiness is everywhere. Feels great! Being in this type of alignment is what I was looking for because one of my main reasons for being here is to write my book. I definitely packed my inspiration! I’m sooooooo excited for what I am birthing and what is birthing me… may you unleash your adventure this week…that is what I plan to do!







Playing at that amazing playground I told you about in this week’s ButterflyMoms blog… 😉


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My cousin Cristina and my girls… 😉

THE BOOK… “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”
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At the fair that is literally in front of our house this weekend. Girls had a TOTAL blast!!! We even went to a live FADO concert which was spectacular!!!

“Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”

Anaheim 1
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Sacramento 1
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Chestertown 1

Making our dinner together at Vovo Mame’s house. She is simply lovely!!!! What a treat!

Ashland 3
Blackstone 2
Bolton 1
Canton 1
Framingham 1
Holliston 17
Hudson 4
Medway 8
Millis 1
Millbury 4
New Bedford 1
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Rutland 1
Sherborn 1
South Grafton 1
Watertown 1
Westborough 1
Wrentham 1
Worcester 3
Wrentham 1
Lee’s Summit 1
Laconia 1
Scarsdale 1
Stony Brook 1
Dublin 1
Newport 1
Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2

Cotton candy bigger than your head!

“Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” BOOKS SOLD OUTSIDE UNITED STATES
Wien 2
Dublin, Ireland 1
Rome, Italy 3
Tokyo  1
Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1
Greenock 1
Madrid 1
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The same window that I looked out of when I was a kid at my Tia Olga’s house. She died a few weeks after I told her I was pregnant with Mialotta who is on the left and now 8 and 1/2 years old… Reminder of the turns that life takes.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Tell your friends… and spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!



  1. Wonderful pictures. I’m so proud of you.

    • Thank you sooooooo much beautiful Douglas H! You rock! Now get your arse over here!! 😉


  2. AWESOME Maria, sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I leave for Peru in Oct! Goin’ for it! ~~~ Mare

    • That is soooooooo awesome beautiful Mare! Keep me posted!!!!

      Great big hugs,

  3. Love you x

    • Love you too beautiful Gaynor!!!! Did your sister have her baby yet?


  4. Thanks for sharing:) You are inspiring people to reach beyond their fears!

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey, I know that you are going to have the time of your lives. xxxx

  6. Thanks for continuing your blog from there. I am so proud of you! I really hope I have a similar opportunity to do something like that with my kids someday!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventure. P.S. Sorry I didn’t get out to Holliston before you left, but I’m sending it to you in Lisboa instead!!! xo

  7. Reading your first few days in Portugal I felt so proud of you and the leap of faith you have taken that all is and will continue to be well in the world. Tears came to my eyes as you write about the window you looked out as a little girl. Love

  8. Maria – I look forward to learning more about your beautiful homeland and to the unfolding of this birthing process. ~ Kate

  9. Glad to see you in the “groove” of life — where you fit in to do your best and shine your brightest.
    All my best to you!

    Linda oxox

  10. Maria as you know i spent 18 months over seas and loved being over there !! Much like the main land are the Azores filled with so many great people willing and wanting to help us..I hope you embrace every moment your there !! I am sure so many of us will miss you and i sure you will miss all of us here state side but it only for a year…12 months that may inspire your daughters to levels that no of us could even think about !! God bless all of us !! Love life my dear friend !! And Know I Am So Happy For You !!

  11. You are in wonderland!

  12. MARIA!!!!! I am so happy for you and the girls. What an adventure you are on, my thoughts and prayers go with you. Can’t believe how quiet it is here. Give those girly-girls a great big hug from me. With love, Kären

  13. Hi mom, That was amazing! It is sooooooooooooooo fun here! It is a life i never thought i would ever have. It is such a big gift that you are giving me and my sisters! Oh and I would also like if you could ge me a blog so I could write about my adventures here. Yes or no please answer me.

    Miss Schmidty

    • Awwww beautiful Mialotta!

      Wow! I was soooo happy that you read my blog and loved it! It’s a wonderful feeling to you have at only 8 read it and really get it. 😉 I hope you know what I mean. You are doing great at adjusting and I’m very proud of your sense of adventure! Makes me feel like I’m a good mom. 🙂 I love love love that you are my daugter. I’m soooooo happy we are on this amazing adventure together! Here’s to an amazing year!

      Com todo o meu coracao,

      • i can’t wait until your next blog

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