Posted by: ButterflyMoms | September 7, 2012

Iceberg Spotted In Portugal!

Bella on her first day of trying out a new school, complete with school uniform! 🙂

This is minutes from our house!!! Amazing views overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Ocean!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

It is such an amazing feeling to know that you who are reading this could be ANYWHERE in the world. Since I have found out how to get world stats of who is reading the ButterflyMoms blog it has been a joy to see where on planet earth human beings are reading ButterflyMoms! Whether English is your first language or fifth, I THANK YOU for coming here week after week to read about this amazing life journey…

We are two weeks into being here in Portugal and we have accomplished so much. The amount of miracles are piling up. I’m finding that THE MOST precious miracles, much like an iceberg, oftentimes look very small on the surface but when you look below it is ginormous! Today I’ve already had several of those miracles. The one that wants to be told is again a simple one but when you think of about the layers of coincidence and flow, it feels like “seeing” an incredible peace of art or music being created right before my eyes. Here is today’s story from beautiful Portugal…

One of the many local cafes in our beautiful neighborhood. Can you see us in the photo? Mia took this one. 😉

Enjoying life… with simple things and each other.

We dropped Isabella off at an international school for her to see how she likes it and that gave me the gift of only having two of my girls. I’ve been with all of them pretty much 24 hours a day for more than 2 weeks now… so even one less makes a huge difference. (those with lots of kids know what I mean 😉 One of the things I have dreamed about but not been able to do is to sit outside at a proper Portuguese café and simply hang out so that is exactly what we did. We had a grand time ordering pastries and drinks. We usually share, but not today! Everyone got her very own special treat! I bought Mia a teen magazine in Portuguese and Miss Olivia got another magazine with art and postcards she could pull out. At the café was a local newsletter and I sat there reading the juiciest tidbits of Portuguese poetry by some of the greats. As I let the lines of prose wash over me, I feel them in my heart. In that moment I look at my smiling girls. The sun is shining. The sky is a deep blue. We are surrounded by buildings that are hundreds of years old. My soul is singing. I feel peace.

The magical butterfly… follows us wherever we go… Of Course She Does! 🙂

As we walk into the café to order I notice that on the front doormat of the marble entrance is a butterfly. Hmmm…I have learned that it all has meaning… this was my little iceberg. It’s the kind of sign that you miss if you are too in your head. Seeing the butterfly made me smile. I let the love fill up in me and ask for my intuition to lead me. As I wait for guidance I clear off our table and bring in the dishes we used. The older woman who works there thanks me for my kindness. Because I feel so good my smile is radiant. I know because I can feel it in my toes. This feeling is when I feel one with every living thing I see and feel humbled how we really are all the same no matter where in the world we live. As I am paying, the older woman comes back and gives my girls beautifully crocheted bracelets with… butterflies on them. SECOND DING…iceberg is appearing bigger now…I thank Dona Ana (“Dona” is like saying Ms in an honoring way, abbreviated D. Ana). My intuition tells me to share with about the significance of the butterfly and Sophia.

D. Ana shares the butterfly bracelets with Mialotta and Olivia

Turns out that D. Ana also lost a child, a sweet little boy almost forty years ago who was only two months old. He died because he was allergic to the milk they were giving him but did not realize it until it started happening again with her next child and someone figured it out. THIRD DING! Intuition hits to me are reverberations of the soul, they are happening all the time, in multiple layers. The more you pay attention to YOUR “NOW”, the more you will see into this magnificent world that is our birthright! This is peace. This is love. This is living.

The icononic Fernando Person, one of the most amazing writers who has ever lived. He just also happens to be Portuguese 😉

While I was sitting at the café two quotes from the local newsletter really hit home for me and I would love to share them with you.

Acordar é ter consciência da consciência. (To awaken is to be conscious of your consciousness.) FERNANDO PESSOA

Portuguese philosopher, essayist and writer, Agostinho da Silva. He died in 1994 but is still inspiring us today.

A vida são dois dias; um para dormir, outro para acordar. (Life is two days: one for sleeping, the other for awakening.) AGOSTINHO DA SILVA

Great big hugs from beautiful Portugal,


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PPS I’m going to add another section to the ButterflyMoms blog. If you like it let me know. If I get enough response I will contineu every week! 🙂 Since I’m here anyways why not add another value-add and teach you a little bit of (European) Portuguese and culture. If you follow along every week you might actually get pretty good at it with very little effort. It is SUCH a cool language so why not!

Here is your first lesson for the week…

Bom dia [bon-dee-ah] which means “Good morning” when you first see someone and “Have a good day” when you leave that person. It’s a pretty nifty little phrase to know!

Boa tarde [boa-tard] which means “Good afternoon”. Again you can say it coming and going.

Boa noite [boah-no-ee-te] for “Good evening” or “Good night”. Yup, you guessed it, you can say it coming and going! 🙂

When someone says any of these phrases to you greet them back the same way. It shows that you respect them.

Funny thing for foreigners is that you’ll hear Bom dia from midnight to midday, Boa tarde from 12pm until it gets dark and Boa noite from when it gets dark until midnight.

If you like this blog leave a comment and tell others about it!!!! Spread the love because it’s written with so much love! 🙂

This is the magnificent little park across the street from our house. It is bare by American standards but the kids seem not to notice at all. 😉


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“Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”


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Having a cuddle at the end of another wonderful day! 🙂

“Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” BOOKS SOLD OUTSIDE UNITED STATES

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*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Tell your friends… https://butterflymoms.wordpress.comand spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!


  1. Excellent, Maria!!!!! Love reading about this. I have been getting lots of intuition hits lately too. Little ones. But I’m listening to them. : D

    • Very proud of you beautiful Susan!!!! Go Susan Go!!

      Great big hugs,

  2. I’m so proud of you and the girls for taking on this wonderful adventure. They will remember this always.

    • Thanks sweetie pie! I love that you always comment. Feels really great to have your energy here too.


  3. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!! Love to all of you!!

    • Thanks for taking the time to write beautiful Kären. Please send the blog to two friends. Let’s spread the global love!


  4. I’m totally hooked Maria! Yes, to it all.

    • Thanks beautiful Becky! Please share it with two friends! 🙂


  5. You are amazing Maria !!!! Sending love to you and your girl !! Drink a great cup of coffee for me at one of your amazing cafes 🙂

    • Love to all of the girls!! I forgot the s 🙂

      • Love to you too Danielle! Thank you soooo much for posting your comments! It means the world to me when people do!


    • Hello beautiful Danielle,
      Funny thing is that I don’t dring coffee but do drink tea. I will have a tea in your honor this week. 😉 Any special intention let me know.
      Great big hugs,

  6. 🙂

  7. What beautiful experiences you are having and sharing with us. Your radiance goes global!

    • Thank you beautiful Suzette. Coming from you, who is SUCH an awesome writer, means the absolute world! YOU ROCK!


  8. Hello mommy i really think it was an amazing blog today. I am really glad you got this opportunity. It is really amazing to have a life like this! I really believe in you. I really do. I really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Miss Schmidty

    • Hello beautiful Mialotta! I’m sooooo happy we are on this trip together. I’ve dreamed about you all my life and to have you and your sisters with me is such a dream come true! I look forward to a time when Christophino and your dad come too! Can you imagine how much they would love all this?!

      • And i want them to come soonnnnnnnnnnnn i miss them

        p.s. this is fun

  9. Tenho muito orgulho em ter-te como amiga, és um mundo cheio de energia e de coisas boas,querida amiga obrigada por existires.

    • Obrigada querida Ana Paula por teres escrito isto. Adoro receber mensagens das pessoas em Português!!! Beijocas amor!!!

  10. absolutely beautiful, Maria! LOVED it! my favorite part was something i’ve been quite mindful of lately. Reminding your readership to live in the NOW. 🙂 This is an important exercise in appreciation which can bring so much awareness of what we have to be grateful for right into the forefront of our consciousness . I love you for being you, and inspiring so many people everywhere.

  11. You’re looking happy and relaxed at the cafe. Say hello to the girls for me.

    Love, Linda

    • Thanks beautiful Linda! Come paint here! You’d love it!


  12. Awesome ! Maria You have to know that i am just so happy hearing all about knowing how good things are ! Keep it up !! Love you guys !!

    • Every week I look for your comments and always love reading them! Thank you soooooo much beautiful Rei Alberto!!!!

  13. Dear Maria, I love your post. I have an affinity for butterflies. I wrote a book about Le Chic Cocoon, which is the caterpillar to butterfly journey of a woman to find her place. I too am following my heart and intuition and admire your journey. You inspire me with your spirit. I grew up in South Africa which is hugely influenced by Portuguese Culture. Everything I know about the culture just speaks to me.. it has been a dream of mine to visit Portugal. Sending you love, and more butterflies.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Polite Woman’s Guide to getting what you want.

  14. Milu:
    Tudo de bom….
    Sempre p’ra frente!

  15. You give such refreshment! I love reading “the signs,” all guidance to our highest purpose. You go!

  16. this is soo awsome

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