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Two “Life Purposes” Walk Into A Bar…

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I’ve noticed that a large percentage of my wonderful coaching/healing clients this week are feeling “EXTRA STUCK”. Stuck in their lives… in their work… in their routines. It is not a new human phenomena but it is happening in greater numbers. If YOU are also feeling stuck in any part of your own life there is only one of two ways you can go…

Option 1… Stay where you are. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you learn that most people will do more to avoid pain than to get pleasure. What that means is even if your life SUCKS, if it does not suck bad enough so even though you complain/cry/rant, you will continue in that pattern. This line of reasoning may not make sense to your conscious brain, but it is the most basic human reaction. So why don’t you change if you are unhappy? This happens because your PERCEIVED FEAR of how worse your life could get if you move toward your goal, is greater than the pain of your current (known) pain. (Thus the expression, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”)

Stay in this mindset long enough and you enter into a very cynical space where you acquire a LEARNED HELPLESSNESS. In this state you take on, as truth, that there’s no use in even trying to shift because LIFE SUCKS AND THEN YOU DIE. If you take that as REALITY you will live “here”… usually until something like a death or illness jolts you free. In the past, most of society has lived here. The price for shifting (going after your dream) had too many barriers, therefore the rate of potential failure was very high and human conditions were still very precarious. Now that we have had more stability in the basics of food, shelter, education, other options present themselves.

Moving on the second option then…

Option 2 involves LEAVING your ICKIENESS and moving towards you’re the PURE JOY of aligning with your life’s purpose. Those who are reading this rolling their eyes, take note that it is indicative of where you are mentally, for the further you are from being happy in your life, the more ridiculous BEING HAPPY sounds to you.  It takes a lot of courage to live your authentic life. It is when things get so bad that you start feeling the pain of not being aligned with your life’s purpose, that you will have effortless MOVEMENT towards your dreams.

For me, personally, I move forward in the direction of my dreams because I can envision myself on my deathbed and FEAR not having lived life to the fullest. I want to live my life every day, saying as Anthony Robbins does when he gets on stage, “GOD USE ME UP”.

Whether you like it or not we are all going through a major human shift. It will happen with or without your permission. It is a lot more of a fun experience if you notice and shift accordingly. Sometimes we need to create our own SHIFT.

Back in 1995 when I was getting my MBA at Simmons Graduate School of Management in Boston I was also dating someone (let’s call him, hmmmm, oh I don’t know, how about Brad Pitt 😉  So I had been with Brad for many years and we were STUCK, it was time for a decision, marry or not. It was getting pretty obvious that marriage was not going to happen, at least not a good one so we broke it off… a very strong connection was still there, we kept going back and forth, back and forth because of it. This could have gone on forever, but instead I did something very drastic… I went sky-diving! I HIGHLY recommend doing something absolutely dramatic like that if you want to SHAKE something off. In the energetic world what you are doing is really cutting the connection but let’s not quibble. Anthony Robbin’s firewalks are the same thing. He uses something that blows your mind, and gives you the chance to rebuild certain beliefs to your liking. It really literally EXPANDS YOUR POSSIBILITIES and RESETS YOUR COMPASS!

So why all this now? Why me? Why you? Simple…

Planet Earth is in trouble. BIG  TROUBLE. We are using all our resources, including WATER to such a degree that entire populations of people, animals, plants, even bees and butterflies are dying off! UH, WHAT NOT THE BUTTERFLIES?!! We are taking all of our Mother Earth’s resources without even a thought of replacement or consequences. Financial institutions now have the biggest voice and have trained us to believe that ABUNDANCE is connected to stock markets, new construction sales, commodities and Gross Domestic Product/Gross National Product (GDP/GNP). All these measures re-enforce the rape of OUR PLANET! We need a new way to measure growth. Our very existence depends on it!

There is a huge wake-up call out there that is getting bigger and bigger. I know you feel it! It will affect everyone in a deep way because it must. So if things seem a wee bit “off, that is the energy you are feeling. Think about your body when you get a cut, does not your body send signals to the rest of your body to help you stop bleeding and heal….THAT is the message that Planet Earth is sending out. SLOW YOUR LIFE DOWN… Begin LISTENING to your HEART. START CONNECTING MORE TO MOTHER EARTH. Your LIFE’s PURPOSE is completely connected within this mission of souls… Your attention is vital! Your courage is necessary! Your joy is guaranteed on this road to UNLOCKING YOUR LIFE’s PURPOSE!

Great big hugs from beautiful Portugal,


PS Only four responded so far to adding cool Portuguese terms and culture to the ButterflyMoms blog so unless I hear from more of you I won’t be doing it. Let me know what you think. ALWAYS love hearing from you!


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*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Tell your friends… https://butterflymoms.wordpress.comand spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!



  1. Thank you for bring this awareness in such a reassuring way. I’m starting to feel a bit less stuck. I understand that I AM where I’m supposed to be.

  2. Maria, this was great. I went to a retreat with my church last Saturday, and learned a lot about this very subject. I am paying attention. Missing you and the girls and on another note, I sure wish the girls could make some nicer friends that would invite them to more fun and interesting birthday parties. 😉 K

  3. Omg are you in my head!! Working on it.

    • Ooops forgot thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for the reminder, as always its very timely.

  5. Maria,
    Good blog. Went to an awesome drumming circle last night in Millis, MA. Another way to get unstuck..

  6. Maria, I enjoyed this blog, especially the references to Tony Robbins, because I did the firewalk and it changed my life. It’s GOOD to get shaken up a bit every now and then, kick off the dust in my brain and REMEMBER who I really am. Hip hip huzzah for beautiful Maria and family!!! Bight Blessings, Diane T. and furfamily

  7. Funny i was just saying to someone that i felt stuck !! But i don’t know about jumping out of a plane to un stuck me !! LOL !! Maybe the Fire walk !! Awesome post Maria !!

  8. More Culture and terms please! And an explanation of those gorgeous photos–where is that? IS that wallpaper or tiles behind the girls in the first shot? LOL –I’m FULL of questions!!

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