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Ever Met A Four-Year-Old Hero?

The beautiful Linda Scruton (on right) with me and one of the horses she rescued. 🙂 Her heart is actually bigger than this horse but she flies under the radar a lot and does not get noticed…. Not this time sister friend! People worldwide are going to know about your beauty in the world! This blog is dedicated to you! 🙂

This week’s blog is dedicated to the quietest of heros among us, especially those who help those with no voice, our beloved animals. My dear friend Linda Scruton from Holliston, Massachusetts comes to mind who takes in the beautiful animals that other people “throw away” and helps rehabilitate them! Beautiful Linda this one is dedicated to all the Lindas out there! 🙂 Our planet is soooooo much better for your being on it! THANK YOU for the quiet, vital work that you do for the animals of our planet!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

For some reason I resisted writing our beloved ButterflyMoms blog because the subject is heart-breaking and yet there is so much going on in the United States right now that I feel a tug at loyalties and calls to help. I am going with my intuition and writing about what I am being led to write not what I should write about…That being said, I send love and light to the people around the world who are hurting, especially those who are suffering from the devastation of Sandy….

So we are here in beautiful Portugal and being animal people we are really, really, really missing being around animals. I grew up with a wonderful German Shepard named Diana whom my beautiful brothers and I all adored! Here in Portugal we have started noticing animals… specifically dogs and cats…. EVERYWHERE… Many people here treat animals very poorly. To some animals are things like furniture and shoes are. When someone moves, if it is not convenient many people just abandon them, just leave them somewhere and take off. Someone who dies who has a pet, the family members just abandon the pet. As bad as that sounds some do much, much worse. There was one report of someone throwing a dog out of a moving car on a highway onto incoming traffic. The poor doggie’s body helplessly ping ponged back and forth getting run over again and again. WHO THE HELL DOES SUCH EVIL THINGS?! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!  I know this is hard to read but it’s a lot easier than what this poor soul went through! It is ONLY through awareness that this problem will stop! AWARENESS WILL SET YOU FREE! (deep breath here)

Another cutie pie!

While driving to a friend’s house with Isabella one day we came across a dog that looked that he was dead on the side of the road. The next day I drove by again and she was still there in the exact spot. I told Bella to stay in the car and approached the dog trying to figure out what to do with the body. I did not want to touch her but I got very close and started gently talking to her as I was sending her Reiki. After about six seconds the dog suddenly opened her eyes and looked up at me as shocked and surprised as I was looking at her. She ran off.

This dog’s nose was shaped like a heart!

A beautiful doggie!!!!

Since that day we have gone there every day to feed and talk to her. As we have met people there we realized that the whole neighborhood takes care of these two doggies. They have built a shelter for them and everyone feeds them. They don’t let anyone near them however and so when the dogs had their second litter and one got him by a care they took matters into their own hands. They called in a local vet who gave her some sleeping pills and they neutered her. They also found good homes for all the puppies. The whole neighborhood loves these two dogs and they are quite happy living there amongst all this unconventional love! This whole beautiful incident made us all want to help by taking in one of the thousands of dogs who are in desperate need of a good home. So off we went on another adventure!

First, we asked our beautiful landlords and checked in with Doug. Once we go the go-ahead we started looking online for a doggie. Isabella had the week off from school so we decided to take a couple of roadtrips. The first shelter we went to was in Setubal where we were taken around by Agustine, who is originally from Argentia. It was an amazing place with over 500 dogs. It was a wee bit overwhelming and sad to see the magnitude of how many dogs are abandoned. Their site, which is in English describes the known history of each animal…  The reason the site is in English is because a group of young professionals, including our new friend Augustine, and his wife, got together and have started using technology and their contacts to start featuring each pet and bringing them to other countries in Europe where people adopt them. I met with some of them and it was amazing how much love and passion they put into the animals! It was incredibly impressive! Heroes emerge from every corner… (My secrete hope is that some of us ButterflyMoms adopt a few of these beautiful beings of love!… You never know what happens when the heart opens.)

The next day we went to a shelter with a very special name… one of my mentors Wayne Dyer speaks a lot about Saint Francis of Assisi. This shelter is São Francisco de Assis (which is how we say it in Portuguese), another wonderful place for dogs and cats to get adopted. They had almost 100 dogs to choose from. When Isabella and I walked in, I immediately recognized one of the main women there Maria José whose photos I had seen online. She spends a lot of time at schools teaching kids about how to be a responsible and loving pet owner. Maria José seemed tough at first but she is a wonderful person with a ginormous heart! I believe that rough exterior comes from the sadness of seeing all this unnecessary animal suffering.

Carmo taking Isabella into the garden for Isabella to walk with Joaninha.

Another amazing connection was that her assistant Carmo was not feeling well and put her head down onto the table, as happens now since my Reiki training, my hands “wake up” and guide me over there, oftentimes to the protest of my brain. I share with Carmo that I am a Reiki Master and ask if it was ok to touch her. She smiles up at me and shares that she had taken Reiki 1 and to please go ahead. It was so amazing! She also said that her parents were both Reiki Masters… miracles unfolding at every corner! Carmo begins to feel better and we move into the dog section of the facilities.

No words needed.

It was beautiful Carmo who took us around to each dog. It can be heart-breaking looking at the doggies in their cages. You want to take them all home… well almost all of them 😉 Isabella again was with me and unlike the day before, this day, at this shelter, she kept insisting on this one dog, a most unlikely choice, especially for someone so young. Out of the 700 dogs we saw in two days, our little four year old Isabella asked for only one doggie specifically… one that left everyone in the office shocked and awe-struck.  She picked a doggie that we were originally told was around 10 but when they checked the records Joaninha (Ladybug) was almost 16 years old!!!! I wonder what that is in dog years?! When one of the assistant caretakers, Carla,  came over, she shared that Joaninha had been one of the originals dogs when they had first opened almost 11 years earlier! This wonderful little doggie had been living in this shelter and passed over for that time!!! Bella was oblivious to the significance of this. She simply picked a doggie with her heart, a very Bella thing to do.

Everyday heros we meet in our daily life… Andrea and Carolina 🙂

While we were in the office waiting for the paperwork another woman named Andrea came into the office with three puppies she had rescued from the neighbor who was going to drown them as soon as they were born. She was keeping two and was bringing in the smallest one… even that cute little puppy did not sway Isabella… she was set on Joaninha! (Big hugs of love to Andrea and her daughter Carolina for stepping up and not letting her neighbor murder those puppies!) Yet another example of small acts of heroism that oftentimes go under the radar.

We went to grab some lunch and explore a little more of Portugal while they had the vet check out Joaninha and give her a bath. News of Isabella’s act of heartfulness spread like wildfire among the volunteers and we had a small crowd there when we got back. Everyone knew Joaninha and were saying their last loving good-byes to her and congratulatory hellos to little Isabella.

The veterinarian Dra Ana Castro, Maria José, Joaninha, Carla and Isabella

As we were filling out the paperwork, two women were paying for something and they heard of Isabella’s act. One of them, named Dulce, quietly walked back into the gift shop unnoticed. When she came back she bent down quietly next to Bella and said, “Your doggie is older than most so she will not play ball with you but with these colored pencils you can sit next to her and draw as she lies next to you.” There was not a dry eye in the house!

One final note, people have asked me why I would allow my girls to get an older dog because it will die. Death is something we are very familiar with in our house. It is a natural part of life and if we can help this little dog have another few ________ (fill in the blank with hours, days, weeks, years) then we will have made a huge difference to one. Every life matters and ever act of kindness counts. This just feels perfectly up our alley!

Joaninha is loving her new home and her new girls are loving her. We think she might be deaf, or like many husbands and children, have “selective hearing” but we adore her. Joaninha reminds us to SLOW down and savor. It is a wonderful reminder. One of the most heart-warming things is that she snores like a granny with loose dentures… and she starts snoring the second she falls asleep. We all giggle EVERY time she falls asleep! 🙂 We have a new member of our family and we are in love with her already!

There is a lot of sadness and shame around this issue in Portugal. I know some will not be happy that I am divulging this information to the world, but we are the voice of the voiceless animals who are suffering terribly at the hands of our fellow humans… who obviously need a lot of love too for who would do this to beautiful animals?! If you’ve ever had a pet you’ve adored, you know what I mean.

I ask that you spread the word to your friends about the heart-breaking plight of animals here in Portugal. These animals are everywhere you look. Some people poison them, some ignore them and some organize neighbors and feed them. There are many who are helping but they cannot do it alone. The situation is incredibly open for those who want to make a big difference… to step forward any way their heart calls them… from a donation to an overseas adoption. Who knows maybe someone who reads this will find their heart calling them to actually come here, even for just a few weeks and volunteering their time to helping LITERALLY SAVE even just a handful of dogs! BELIEVE!!!!! FEEL!!!! REALIZE!!!!!!!

Great big hugs from beautiful Portugal,

PS Also for anyone interested the São Francisco de Assis shelter is running a special that for any dog that you adopt who is five years old or older. They get free veterinary care for the life of the pet, 15 free pet hotel and 5% off all dog food (which is already very reasonably priced). Plus it’s free to adopt pets here! Cannot beat that deal, truly! If you live in Portugal or know someone who does please let them know! Let’s adopt some beautiful doggies! 🙂 Here is the video. Even if you don’t understand Portuguese you can see the photos and feel the love!!



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Joaninha means Ladybug (in Portuguese).

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Volunteers Teresa and Ana, plus Carla and Dulce with Joaninha, Isabella and me! What a wonderful experience! Everyone was soooo joyous. They new they were part of a miracle and in a country where bad news is everywhere this was refreshing!

Ashland 3
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Sleeping engulfed in love… not a hard cement floor!

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The girls love their new doggie!!!! 🙂

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Us feeding homeless doggies that were abandoned at a local store. Heart-breaking to see the number of dogs who roam the streets. Many get hit my cars. Incredibly sad!

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story, Maria. Isabella is a new hero of mine, and it puts an ear-to-ear smile on my face to see an unconditional love for animals at her age.

  2. Puerto Rico treat their animals the same way. We adopted 3 cats from San Juan. They are doing very well here at home in Holliston for quite some time. It was a little bit more expensive to bring them home almost 8 years ago but it was worth every penny and bring my family lots of joy!

  3. Maria you almost made me cry !! What a Beautiful Story !! Your just so amazing !! Tell your daughter that big Al has a huge smile on his face for picking the oldest dog there !! You reminded me that you can never give up hope !! You are my hero Maria !!

    • I did nothing but say YES… it was a confused yes, because again, it was not the dog I would have picked but I know enough to follow life with my heart and not my head. 🙂 Love back to you beautiful Rei Alberto!

      Great big hugs,

      PS What do you mean ALMOST cried?! Come on man?! It took me eight hours to write that blog! 😉

  4. Maria…great story! We noticed a similar attitude towards cats in Rome this summer. Cats are everywhere! Stumbled by accident onto an amazing underground cat shelter beneath the ruins! It was the highlight of our trip!-Lisa

  5. Keep up the great work ! Goes to show you are never too young to start making a difference. My 4 year old does too 🙂 education is the key

  6. Yay!!!!!!!! A new furry family member! Love that wonderful Isabella! Welcome, Ladybug/Joaninha. You have offered her a most wonderful twilight. Bless all your big,giving hearts! We stopped by the side of the road the other day thinking there was a dog lying there injured or worse. Fortunately, It was an unusually colored log.:) Bailey sends you a few woofs and licks. Have another great day!

  7. thank you for sharing isabella’s beautiful heart! i am an avid advocate for orphans – both animal and human. everyone should have a chance at love…if even for a moment in time! and there should be laws against breeders because the conditions these beautiful furry kids are forced to endure is disgusting, as are the people that “purchase” the babies….the ones that survive, as millions upon millions of precious creations of God are destroyed (some still by gassing) and never have that chance to know a hug, or a kiss or a warm bed. and we do it to children too – yes, they are being “purchased” also….the numbers of human trafficking in the u.s. is phenomenal, yet we – you and i – allow it to continue.
    my motto for some years now – until there is no longer a need for shelters – and until every child has a loving home! and that can be accomplished if we nurture little hearts like isabella’s. you go, isabella!!! and for you, maria, for allowing that little heart’s cry to be answered! God’s blesings!

  8. and God’s blesSings!!!!

  9. Hugs and kisses!

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    You are soooooooooooooo right about what you said in the blog.
    These are things that change how the world is and that is what we need can’t wait for the next amazing blog you have to share with us!!!!!
    If you can help then you should help cause that is the right thing to do even if you say well oh i can’t i don’t have space.You always have space it is in your heart.That is why we have a heart to love people and animals.Don’t forget and this dosen’t just go to my mom it is going to each and every one of you on butterfly moms.

  11. I’m impressed with Bella for choosing such an old dog. Very tuned into the needs of a much over looked creature. Very sad that it’s been in a shelter for that long!

    Thanks for the share!

    Love, Linda

  12. Wow, Maria. It took me forever to finish reading this, I just kept crying and couldn’t see the screen. I’m so happy you adopted such a deserving dog and so proud of Bella. Give her a hug for me, and tell Olivia that I love her bangs. Missing all of you! Kären

  13. Hi Maria!

    The way we treat animals makes me crazy and sad. Luckily, we’ve got even more folks who care about animals. These animals feel everything we do, have personalities and get frightened. (Including the ones quaking in fear that get stampeded through the slaughterhouses or skinned alive because of the speed corporate animals farms insist upon.)

    If you make it to Rome, there is a fantastic cat shelter called Torre Argentina. The famous actress of yesteryear Anna Magnani started it.

    Our world needs to transform itself from one where it’s every man/woman/child for him/herself to one where we realize we’re all in this sc-fi mystery together. And all get treated with dignity and respect.

    You’re fearless why continues to reveal itself in this post.



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