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The divine Miss Olivia lost another tooth this past week! :)

The divine Miss Olivia lost another tooth this past week! 🙂

Beautiful Lisboa!!!!!

Beautiful Lisboa!!!!!

Today’s blog was written with lots of love from beautiful Paço de Arcos, Portugal! It is gift-wrapped with Reiki energy so that whomever reads it gets a wonderful dose! Swim in all that love! Take as much as you need! 🙂

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Christmas for many of us is the time when we enter into our imaginations and activate the “perfect” images of Christmas. We spend the entire time leading up to the holidays using our energy to make this vision a reality. There is actually nothing wrong with having a vision and manifesting it, that is actually how we make dreams happen…We bring ideas from the 7th chakra and drop them down into the lower chakras to create them on earth. The challenge comes from people coming into Christmas with the four deadly dream killers activated….What are the four deadly sins> #1. Not grounded  #2. Low energy/vibration   #3. Unclean and  #4. Unprotection. When these four core areas are not addressed you are setting yourself up for pain and disappointment, in other words, what you will manifest is the opposite of what you wanted.

IMG_0739Why is that? Well let’s imagine that you are going to cook something. If you have don’t have a proper space to cook that is the equivalent of not being grounded (#1). You would not want to make scrambled eggs in the bathroom would you? YUCK! If you have no containers (pans, bowls, etc.) or they all have holes in them then whatever you are trying to make will also be more complicated (#2). When the vibrational level is low so is its mass. When this happens you get flimsy dreams…so close but there is not enough there to hold on to.

DSCN5293The third (#3) deadly dream killer is being unclean. How many times have you taken a shower or bath in your lifetime? How many times have you done that for your soul? Your soul gets dirty just like your body does yet most people never even think about cleansing it. Think about how bad you’d stink if you had NEVER taken a shower!!! This one deadly dream killer is one that people can do every time they shower or even wash their hands. It takes no more time at all. It’s just about visualizing beautiful light washing over you and dumping all the “ickies” into a drain. I like to follow that image and guide the ickies into the ground where they are turned into glorious fertilizer so the energy shifts into something that then helps grow beautiful flowers. This is an example of full-spectrum use of energy…it’s a wonderfully responsible way to make the whole planet energetically work more in alignment with its peace, its natural flow.

Beautiful Guincho... Breath-giving!

Beautiful Guincho… Breath-giving!

The fourth (#4) deadly dream killer is “unprotection”. What would happen if you left all your doors and windows open 24 hours a day? Sounds silly, well as we become more and more aware of our energy we see that closing and opening up to certain people and circumstances is a choice that greatly affects deadly dream killer #2, your vibration.

When you don’t monitor who goes in and out of your precious energy field it can be incredibly draining. Energy vampires can come in just as easily as energy bunnies (those who give you energy) into your field …until you feel drained or rejuvenated. You may even have no clue why you feel so tired. Do you have someone in your life who when they call you sometimes ignore that call? Chances are that they are an energy vampire. You feel icky when you see their number pop up. Now you know why. It’s completely ok to do this. There are also other ways that steal your energy which I’m writing about in my upcoming book. For right now this is a good way to start working on filling your energetic container by only allowing those with whom you want to share energy to consciously flow with each other. 🙂 Life shifts completely when you can actively notice these four deadly dream killers because when you work on them they themselves transform into your DREAM CREATORS!

If you want to learn more about the DEADLY DREAM KILLERS/DREAM CREATORS feel free to come to a workshop (see below). Because I’m teaching this while in my core, you’ll notice an immediate life shift alignment in yours! Thankfully, it’s CONTAGIOUS!!!!

Great big hugs,


√  WORKSHOP: Wednesday, January 8th. HOW TO PROPERLY DEAL WITH THE  FOUR DEADLY DREAM KILLERS WORKSHOP… Start 2013 with some powerful tools! Scientists now know that we are all made up of energy. As children most of us were never taught how to intentionally use our energy to magnetize and create the dreams we hold in our hearts. Are you curious as to how to better use your energy? Want stop bumping into the walls of your life and start living in alignment with your life’s purpose? Come get some respite from all that thinking and efforting! Get many of your why’s answered and feel better about living your happy life! Doors open at 9:45am. Starts promptly at 10:00am-12:00pm. Amazing ocean views at Quiosque Bar, Avenida Marginal, Praia de Paço de Arcos, 2770-210 Paço de Arcos, Portugal. Fee is 25€ at door. Sign up right now and get in for only 20€. Do it here.. See you there!!!!!!! Please RSVP so that we can plan accordingly.

√  WORKSHOP: Thursday, January 24th. MAKING 2013 MY BEST YEAR! … Every January there is a hope that life will get better yet life seems to take over and we lose control of our vision. Come to this amazing open workshop that will share some of the very tools you need to truly accomplish your life’s mission! Can’t build a house without a hammer and nails…so come get your energetic hammer and nails! Lots of laughing and learning! Doors open at 9:45am. Starts promptly at 10:00am-12:00pm. Amazing ocean views at Quiosque Bar, Avenida Marginal, Praia de Paço de Arcos, 2770-210 Paço de Arcos, Portugal. Fee is 25€ at door. Sign up right now and get in for only 20€. Do it here.. See you there!!!!!!! Please RSVP so that we can plan accordingly.

√  COACHING: For those who want a coach with a lot of heart, I’m here to help you get rid of your blocks and go towards your goal. I’m living what I have been teaching clients for nearly two decades. Whether you are curious or serious send me an email to to set up a time to get you to your first step. For those who want something to shift in their lives this is a great time!!!

√  INTERVIEW: Here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! !

√ BOOKS FOR SALE: “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” See list below for all the places in the world where this book has been sold! Last year I co-authored the book ENTREPRENEUR MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE. If you have been thinking about starting a business or want to take your business to the next level this is a wonderful way to start. WAY cheaper than going back to school…and very helpful! To feed the soul of a friend, buy them a copy by CLICKING HERE NOW…  Feel part of the magic below and see where in the world people have bought this book…


Anaheim 1
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Cromwell 1
Greenwich 1
Yalesville 1

Fort Lauderdale 1

Seminole 1

Roswell 1

Louisville 1

Biddeford 1

Chestertown 1

Ashland 3
Blackstone 2
Bolton 1
Canton 1
Framingham 1
Holliston 17
Hudson 5
Medway 8
Millis 1
Millbury 4
New Bedford 1
North Easton 1
Rutland 1
Sherborn 1
South Grafton 1
Watertown 1
Westborough 1
Wrentham 1
Worcester 3

Lee’s Summit 1

Laconia 1

Scarsdale 1
Stony Brook 1

Dublin 1

Newport 1

Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien 2

Dublin, Ireland 1

Rome, Italy 3

Tokyo  1

Carcavelos 1

Lisboa 11 –

Sintra 1 –

Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1

Greenock 1

Madrid 1
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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The girls love their 16 year old doggie that had been at the shelter for 11 years!!! She is being seriously loved on now, even started wagging her tail! 🙂

ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Maria is a Reiki master and every time you read it you are showered with healing love.

Tell your friends… and spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!


  1. I just love the way you share and write !! Every you touch is truly blessed by your heart !! Happy holidays to you my sweet friend !!

  2. Thanks for this weeks info Maria!! You are missed and loved!! Kären
    Merry Christmas and tell Olivia I love her bangs! =D

  3. Maria, I´m becoming a fan of your blog, and of course you! You write straight from the soul, so unique and true! I now look forward to Friday´s to read you.
    Much love

  4. Loved this post. Leaving energy vampires to invade my precious energy field is something i began to remedy a few years ago, and i’m so much happier for it. they just go find another host anyway.

    • Bye Bye Energy Vampires!!!!!! Great job beautiful Bonnie!

  5. You don’t really notice those energy vampires until you really focus on them and they just sucked out of you. The best way to usually deal with them is by ignoring them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your help today….

  6. 🙂

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