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half the sky2Dearest ButterflyMoms,

When you sit down to read this blog you never know what is coming because the flavor is different each time. There are times when I sit down to write when I wish I could give you the power of ULTRA LASER FOCUS to drop away all the other distractions in your life and see directly from your heart… This is that post!

Today, is International Women’s Day. Being a “woman” is something that for most of us is something we completely take for granted. We simply don’t pay a lot of attention to this part of ourselves. How many days do you wake up and think about being a WOMAN? Might seem like an odd question but much of how you live your life is deeply based on how you perceive your gender. What you were taught, as well as what you rejected form how you let yourself be treated, what you are willing to accept and what you will reach out for!

Most of the people who read my blog are of a certain educational level. By that I mean that you at least need to be able to read (and in English) and have access to electricity and a computer. Most of the world’s women still don’t have the simple opportunity to even learn, to be safe, to not be cut, to own land, to have a voice. Those commercials of half-naked brown babies screaming in pain asking for us to sponsor them for the price of a cup of coffee have jaded us. Most of us change the channel. I know I do because I don’t connect to it.

Half the Sky_0At Christmas time we have all at one time or other sent or received cards that with PEACE ON EARTH printed over an idyllic holiday scene or pics of your ever-growing cute kids, but what do we do to create PEACE ON EARTH? There is no peace without safety, food, shelter first. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Well if a large number of the women of our planet do not have access to these three things our entire world is BROKEN. The deep pain and misery that reverberates from that brokenness is our world today.

Sure you feel it and it feels icky, but really “What does this have to do with you?” We are all one. We are all connected. No real peace can come to you when our entire planet is this type of crisis mode. THERE IS NO “THEM”! THERE IS ONLY “US” and “WE”. Our whole planet is energetically shifting and we can all feel it reverberating. If you are still trying to HOLD on to the old paradigm you are having a REALLY HARD time because those “rules” no longer fit emotionally, physically, psychologically or energetically.

half the skyA book that will absolutely change your world is HALF THE SKY. It is a book that will help you live a more authentic life! Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of watching the trailer…. from there here are things things you can do even if you may have little money and or time but there are ways you can make a difference…

  1. WORK ON YOU – the best way to make the world a better place is to start working on yourself. Now some will say that we are already perfect and there is nothing to work on and that is true, except that we take that perfection and add shit to it that adulterates (hey, do you like me dropping in my 6th grade vocabulary word, eh? Mrs. Grambolini would be proud! 😉 our life’s joy. Joy is a current that never stops in our life, we just drop SHOULD boulders on it and cut off our happiness.
  2. HELP THE “CONVERSATION” GO VIRAL – If you can see the entire movie. If you can’t just share the clip on all your social media sites. Share this blog and help get the word out. Call one good friend that you have been meaning to call anyway, grab a tea and even from your different locations watch it together wherever you both are. Talk about it, which leads me to #3…
  3. PLAY WITH IT (BIRTH CHANGE) INTO THE WORLD – Pick one action item to accomplish or organization to support. Energetically you will rejuvenate your whole life! It can be something easy. It just has to feel really good to you!

halfI part with this beautiful song sent to me by a woman, Kate Lamontagne who does an incredible job at building community in a little, beautiful New England town in Holliston, Massachusetts in the United States of America.!

Great big hugs,






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√  INTERVIEW: Here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! !


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ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Maria is a Reiki master and every time you read it you are showered with healing love.  Tell your friends… and spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!


  1. Very well written. And a wonderful way of getting the message out to others.

    • Thank you for being the first one to post a comment almost each and definitely every week! Your support is simply inspiring!

      Great big kisses,

      • You are very welcome. I know you pour your heart and soul into each and everyone of your blogs. Well done.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Well done! Keep spreading the word. WE CAN change the world, and we will!

  3. Hallo Butterfly Bloggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,  Na, Na wer wird gleich am Anfang des Textes, nicht so leicht vertauliche Geschichten erzaehlen.

     Was immer gewinnen soll, ist das Gegenteil von Grausamkeit und das waere wohl der liebevolle Friede sei mit dir, der natuerlich im Herzen wohnt. ** Altes Zitat: Liebe deinen Naechsten wie dich selbst. Wer kennt diesen weltweiten Weisheits – Spruechlein nicht!! Aber wer ist faehig dieses Spruechlein zu praktizieren. Vermutlich, ein spiritueller Seelen-Freund kennt und weiss dies zu schaetzen. Juhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhu aus Wien, endlich Frauentag, wenigstens 1x pro Jahr, wird International der Hut gezogen und eine oeffentliche Wertschaeztung der Frau entgegen bracht!!!!! Das koennte man wirklich jeden Tag gebrauchen und es wuerde noch mehr positive Kraft von „Innen nach Aussen fliessen. Damit mehr zufriedender Ausgleich in der Gesellschaft geschaffen wird. Die Frauen sind der fuersorglichste Zentrale-Pol in der Gesellschaft, der Familie und der ein absoluter friedliche Zusammenhalt der maennlichen Machtgesellschaft. Viele der maennlichen Machtgesellschaften betruegen, gerne den weiblichen Partner und sie mit allen Mitteln diplomatisch zu Unterwerfen.. **Die Mehrheit der Frauen sind treue Seelen, zu mindesten in meinen Bekanntenkreis.

    Die Frauen wollen fuer ihre doppelte Leistung, gleich behandelt und mehr bezahlt werden, denn sie leisten und leisten_______________________________) enorm viel in der maennlichen Machtgesellschaft.!!** z.B. Gar nicht wenig zu denken, wie es in der Kunstwelt zu geht. Welche grossen Differenzen sich da abspielen, zwischen weiblichen und maennlichen Kuenstlern. Kaum zu Glauben. Aber so wahr!!

    Hey, der inernationale Frauentag sollte und muss immer etwas ganz Besonderes sein, fuer die Frauen und Muetter dieser irdischen Erde. Das weibliche Geschoepf ist wohl das unentbehrlichste, fuersorglichste und waermste Wesen ueberhaupt, was hier auf der irdischen Erde herum geht. Diese fuersrogliche Waerme ist als Naechstenliebe weiter zugeben, ja dass ist wohl eine besondere und kraftvollle Ausstrahlung, dass der Frau gut gelungen ist in der maennlichen Machtgesellschaft. **Nur weiter so, so mutig und so tapfer sind die Frauen, die „Vieles“ Gutes und Hartes hinter sich gebracht haben in der irdischen Erde!!

    ((PSssst: Da fehlt mir so, zwischendurch wieder diese wahre Geschichte des blonden Jungen K und des Maedchens H der iridischen Erde ein. Er koennte viel dazu Lernen ueber sehr gutes „reales Behandeln und Benehmen“, diesen wunderbaren geliebten Maedchen H gegenueber. Endlich seine ehrlich versprochene Dinge, ein zuhalten und lebendig in die Raelitaet mit grosser Wertschaetzung um zusetzen.)) Man sagt unter uns Seelen LG Wien

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