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Simple “FORMULA” For Being HAPPY!!!!!

DSCN6552Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Every guru in the world will tell you the secret to living a truly happy life is…. (drum roll)… to live in the moment. Ok, seems easy enough, but most of us find it almost impossible. We get so frustrated, in fact, that many of us start “doing” or “buying” a lot of other “stuff” so we can distract ourselves!

I’m in a phase where I SEE my life’s purpose. I KNOW what it is with every fiber of my body and it fills me with SUCH joy when I do this work of bridging people from the old ways of fear into the new ways of living from love! At the end of every coaching call or workshop I feel and see how powerful my work is and I am humbled by how very amazing it feels… to everyone!!!! This is simply what I was born to do!!!!!!! (Side note: Many people ask me, “How do you know it’s ‘right’ for you?” Well, how you know is that it feels good, the kind of feel good that leaves you fuller and lighter at the same time!)

DSCN6385To get to this point of knowing my calling (just got a flash from the first Matrix movie) there had to have been a lot of living in the moment because that is where ALL of your life’s juice is. Projecting into the future or living in the past are destructive tools of the ego and fear. They are draining and dangerous to your life’s light and cause a great “heaviness”. Those who lead incredible lives have learned to juice up by living in the present moment.

It is truly simple to live in the present moment if you don’t make it too complex or big. The challenge is that we start our day attached to our SHOULDs (what should/needs to get done today) and our TO DO LISTS. Here in Portugal, and in Europe, in general, people don’t live so much like that, yet they still get things done. The secret is that they live a lot more in the moment. They stop even for ten minutes, for example, and connect with their neighbors at their local café. In America, we tend to go to get our “fix”, not to connect. See the difference?

Living in the moment is really the most rewarding thing you can ever do because it’s like being on a vacation all the time. Think about it. Those people who go on vacation do so because they want to escape their lives. Just like those people who live for the weekend. I don’t know about you, but time is precious so being ok with hating most of your life is not how I want to live! When you live in the moment you begin to understand that you are in a dance with the universe, always getting valuable feedback that allows you to self-correct and live happy. We resonate best, live our best, happiest lives when we vibrate at this level. There is nothing more powerful than that.

Sometimes I'm soooo into the doing that I forget to do it with JOY so being HAPPY is my main goal of 2013. Many people think that is nuts but because it is so basic, many of us assume wrongly that we already are. I was one of those people.

Sometimes I’m soooo into the doing that I forget to do it with JOY so being HAPPY is my main goal of 2013. Many people think that is nuts but because it is so basic, many of us assume wrongly that we already are. I was one of those people.

Yesterday, I was writing my book and kept being interrupted by my adorable five year old, Isabella, whom I did not see as adorable at the time 😉 Instead of fighting it, I went with it. I surprised her by grabbing the colorful sticky notes in front of me and my magical big-girl pens. We started writing and drawing and giving her my FULL attention. She was in heaven. I was in heaven. We stuck notes on each other and had moments of long hugs and kisses as she sat on my lap, looking into my eyes and smiling. It was in those precious moments that I drank in her waning littleness and touched upon how quickly it all goes. It brought me so much joy that my heart almost burst out of my chest. Funny thing was that it did not last hours. It lasted the perfect amount of time and when it was done I had plenty of space (and inspiration) to write and Isabella was glowing with the fact her mommy had seen and loved her in a way that she felt completely loved and safe. Imagine that! Win-win!

The ugly truth is that I’ve been through phases in my life where I have resented my children. I am shocked by this even as I write it because I became a mom later in life and dreamed of having children for such a long time! The truth is that many parents hide this resentment on one level for fear of how it will look/sound, but in the meantime their ability to parent erodes. They begin hurting the very people they love the most. Let’s not judge, let’s acknowledge, know we are doing the best we can with what we have and move to a more PRESENT place. The simple fact is that when you are not taking care of yourself, which includes time JUST FOR YOU, you are unable to be a good parent, or have the happy life you see for yourself. That’s all there is to it!

Great big hugs,



Doing more yoga. This time on the beach in Carcavelos with Mialotta and our doggie "Tejo"

Doing more yoga. This time on the beach in Carcavelos with Mialotta and our doggie “Tejo”


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*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Maria is a Reiki master and every time you read it you are showered with healing love.  Tell your friends… and spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!





  1. Lovely to meet you today. I enjoyed reading your blog, very positive and uplifting 🙂 See you next Friday, Rebecca x

    • Awwwww beautiful Rebecca!!!! I love that I saw you at yoga on the beach in Carcavelos this morning and then here you are, as promised! Magical! I look forward to seeing you on Friday!!! <3!

  2. All so true. Great job.

    • Thank you beautiful Michelle for reaching here and privately. I love hearing from those whom come every week with their hot cup of somethin’ and savor that week’s “journey” that you get when you read it. Never know what you are going to get… Thanks for connecting!

      Great big hugs,

  3. Love that you are living your dream and more importantly living in the moment. You are developing true bonds and relationships with our 3 girls. You are loved.

    • Thanks so much for your support. It is wonderful reading your comments every week… and getting your spelling corrections! 😉 LOVE YOU!

      Great big hugs,

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