Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 24, 2013

Are You Feeling Lost?

IMG_2582Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Sometimes to be found we need to feel lost. Where we get even more lost is when we start freaking out. I’m going through that right now…

I have fallen deeper in love with Portugal. It is a much simpler life here. I have about 5% of the “stuff” here that I have in the States. We’re on a VERY tight budget, I have no car, no dependable cell phone and even so, except for not having my gorgeous husband and our son Christopher here, I’m as happy as a pig in shit.

I know that probably surprises some of you, because in a way it does me too, so I broke it down.

map of PortugalIt hit me hard when I came to the realization this past week that I’ve lived in America for over 43 years!!!! (Bear with me because inside I still think I’m about 16 so there is a part of me that can’t grasp 40 years of anything! 😉 ) On many levels I am truly the American dream. From kindergarten to graduate school I was educated in America. I’ve lived in Altlanta, Boston, New York and San Francisco. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the United States too and have even driven down both the East and the west coast a few times. I say this because I have seen a lot America and lived here long enough to get a very strong sense of what we are about.

Sister bonding and love!

Sister bonding and love!

IN GENERAL, there are two main reasons I’m being pulled to stay in Portugal for at least another year. One is the amazing weather here but it’s more than that, there is a magic in the air that, even with the economic crisis, makes this one of the most popular places in the world to visit and live. There is something cellular here that I love about the air, the trees, the water, the people, the food. I love that even in the dead of winter you can see flowers blooming all over the place! There is a lot of sunshine here and I love that! It’s one of those things we don’t think about but that affect us in profound ways. Because of this we go outside to walk or play most every day, even for just a few minutes. It is a fabulous way to connect to nature, each other, our bodies and our community!

Calling Papa and Christopher on Skype has made a huge difference.

Calling Papa and Christopher on Skype has made a huge difference.

The second difference between America and Europe is simply the way people live their lives. In America we truly believe that hard work is paramount and being “lazy” is one of the worst things you can be called. In Europe, in general, there is a natural order, a beginning and end of each workday. In the States there are way less lines of demarcation. Work and life are a blended blur. We live to work, but I don’t think we really see it. Being away for a whole year I see it now, and where I see it most is in my children…

My cousin, her grand daughter and our girls! Priceless!

My cousin, her grand daughter and our girls! Priceless!

My girls, especially our Olivia who has learning issues, is thriving here. It’s like the community has risen up at all levels to support them not in an overt way but in an inclusive way. They definitely believe in the “it takes a village” mentality so when kids do something that is unsafe some adult around them will immediately pipe in. There is ZERO concern for how it looks. It is simply how things are done. There is also a lot of tenderness, a kindness from the people. Kids are adored here.

Mother's Day Tradition... Breakfast in bed, one of my VERY favorite memories of this lifetime!

Mother’s Day Tradition… Breakfast in bed, one of my VERY favorite memories of this lifetime!

Olivia's skirt she made from plastic trash bags! GO OLIVIA!

Olivia’s skirt she made from plastic trash bags! GO OLIVIA!

The new school the girls are at is simply awesome! The level, depth and width of the subjects they are learning are amazing.

For example, today Mialotta, who is in third grade, for the first time today is using the camera she made in school. Olivia, who is in the first grade, had a fashion show last week in front of the whole school. The items the kids wore were made from recycled materials like newspapers, plastic bags, etc. Kids got crazy creative and Olivia won 1st place for her grade and 4th overall for the whole school. It was awesome! She was soooo excited to be acknowledged by all the big kids in her school!

International friends, amazing views... heaven.

International friends, amazing views… heaven. How’s this for lunch?

Even with all this said I still ADORE America and especially the people in it. I am completely torn. It gives me more of an insight of what my mom went through when she immigrated to the States.

When we don’t know what to do it’s important to stay open, keep breathing, keep letting go and being open to the messages that are being sent. I am vulnerable but I am happy and I know whatever happens I’m in love with my beautiful husband and children, and whatever we pick it will be perfect for the magical journey we are on!


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Great big hugs,



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A picnic with friends at a fabulous park. Now that’s a playdate!

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I love giving the kids cool creative surprises. Here is a simple one with spaghetti that helps them learn to spell.

I love giving the kids cool creative surprises. Here is a simple one with spaghetti that helps them learn to spell.


Wien 2

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Ancient trees

Ancient trees

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  1. Very well written. You are missed.

  2. Your posts always touch me! I can relate and understand your feelings in respect to “our” beautiful country! Glad you are thinking of staying one more year.

  3. Sounds like a very difficult decision ahead. Would Doug join you for year two? If not, I would come home. Just my gut reaction.

  4. So happy to wake up to your beautiful blog. Stay another year; this year has flown by and I still haven’t made it to Portugal to visit you! : )

  5. I just love the sound of Portugal. You Make it sound like such a wonderful, sunny place. Then again, your life in America sounds lovely too. It doesn’t matter where you live, wherever you go, there YOU are. And once you are happy within, it won’t matter where you live.

  6. Beautiful! Thinking of you Maria! Love you! You are right; you will make the right decision, just keep breathing, just keep living!

    • Ahhhh, yes, breathing, a wonderful suggestion!!! 😉

  7. Beautiful Maria. Good luck with your decision, whatever it may be. You will be happy.

  8. My son asked me last night if we could live in another country for a time. Inspired by your post. He wants to go to England but I’d rather go, like you where it is sunnier! Looking forward to know what you decide. xo

    • Thanks beautiful Kat! That is awesome! Europe is one of my favorite places on the planet. 🙂

  9. I feel burdened with this discussion. This is a private matter between you, your God and your husband. A loving and supportive partner is a gift and in my opinion, cause you’ve asked, is worth a bit of sacrifice. Go home, re-group consider everyone’s need and goals then start a new chapter. I love you Maria, but this kinda talk does not feel good to me.

    • Why do you feel “burdened” beautiful Corinne? This is not a partner issue, it’s a heart’s calling issue.

      Great big hugs,

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