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Cutie pie Christopher

Cutie pie Christopher…

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I had a couple of “REALITY CHECKS”, that I’d love to return! 😉 Ahhhh but you know life… the more you resist the shittier your time will be. It’s ALWAYS best to go with the flow.

..has grown up into this beautiful young man!

..has grown up into this beautiful young man!


Our youngest is 5 years old and our oldest Christopher will be 18 next month. Our son Christopher had his last day of high school this past week on May 29th, my birthday. When you have a child that reaches this age there is a part of you that feels a bit like being IN SHOCK because we cannot believe how quickly it all went. They say the days are long and the years are short and ain’t that the truth!


Well, for my birthday this past week, since I LOVE sushi, a beautiful friend of mine took me out for a sushi lunch by the ocean. I wish you had been there to see this view! WOW! I LOVE looking out onto the water! What I did not like was the interaction with our waitress (translated from Portuguese because the meaning is not lost in translation)…

Waitress: “Ahhh, it’s your birthday! Congratulations! How old are you?”

Me: “I’m 46.”

Waitress: “Wait, did you say ‘36’ or ‘46’?

Me: “46”

Waitress: “Oh”

ARGH! Even as it’s coming out of my mouth it sounds odd. Could I REALLY be that old? I honestly feel more like I’m 36 but I’m a million years away from where I was when I was 36.

mirror mirror off the wallMIRROR, MIRROR…

I know it’s not politically correct to say this but I don’t like mirrors!

I believe there is a conspiracy going on and maybe you have experienced it too? I have lately noticed that ALL mirrors MUST not be working properly because every time I look into one I see someone staring back at me who is MUCH older than I feel. I have to admit it shocks me how much different I look than I feel.

It’ is then that I notice how being young and beautiful is such a part of what I bought into. Wrinkles, sags, lines… I never really got why people got upset at those… until now.  I’m still working on this one. No answers today, I’m afraid. Just putting it out there that I’m feeling it too in case you think you are the only one. 😉


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Great big hugs,





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Christopher at senior prom

Christopher at senior prom

ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria writes the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Maria is a Reiki master and every time you read it you are showered with healing love.  Tell your friends… and spread the love!!! FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!

Use your voice…

I invite you add your comments below about what your dream is and how you can do one thing to move it forward. This whole process is about connection and moving forward.


  1. Your only as old as you feel !! Your the best and your kids are perfect like you and Doug !! Miss you !!

  2. You’re only as old as you feel. It’s just a number. You look great and are as beautiful today as the day we met 12 years ago. You are loved.

  3. Happy Birthday Young Chickadee!…I have been told by Mom that eventually we will look in the mirror and ask, “And who are you?”. Time marches- isn’t it wonderful to enjoy Today?!

  4. I wrote something last night that speaks to coming to terms with aging — “I’ve reached an age where I don’t resemble my younger self as much as I reflect my future self.”

  5. I can so relate to your mirror vision, but also think that being older is wonderful and liberating as one gets respect , I for one, did not get when I was younger . There is no more pressure to be part of the crowd and now we can enjoy looking the way we want to

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