Posted by: ButterflyMoms | July 12, 2013


fearDearest Butterfly Moms,

Today is a very big day! For over four years I’ve written the ButterflyMoms blog EVERY FRIDAY no matter what! It’s been an amazing developmental journey! The BUTTERFLY MOMS blog even attracted the attention of one of the most powerful women on the planet, OPRAH WINFREY, and I became one of the very last guests on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW… Today is a new era. I had to conquer my fears to grow it to the next level and here we are… We are switching from just the written blog to the video blog!

!!!!!dreams vs fearsThe very first topic is: FEAR

The question comes from Maria from West Hartford, Connecticut

QUESTION:”What is the block/fear I have with starting my new business? I have 8 years of school, am a natural, love it, peoplelove it, but I haven’t turned on the website for my business yet, even though it’s ready. How do I overcome this fear of success?

We all face fear every day. Many of us have become it’s slave… We might not even realize it because most everyone around us has done the same thing. It is normal to be small, in in-authentic lives that we were trained to live because it’s “good for us”.

Today’s short video is a wonderful way to give yourself the gift of how to release the ickies fear causes and turn it all around so FEAR IS YOUR TOOL, instead of the other way around!

Here is the link…

As always please leave your comments below! We love hearing fro you!

Great big hugs,



LIVE YOUR DREAMS OUT LOUD!!!!! (not just in your head!) THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!



  1. Wow. Very cool that you faced your fear and created your first video blog. I’m very proud of you. Great job.

  2. thank u so much maria for this gift! rock on sists 🙂

  3. Thank you for this gift Maria! rock on sista 🙂

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