Posted by: ButterflyMoms | March 27, 2014

A Recipe For Depression and an Unfulfilled Life

Here is an oldie but a goodie… Let me know how you feel after reading it!

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Dear ButterflyMoms,

Last night’s ButterflyMoms Soul Support group was spectacular! Those who showed up are oftentimes a good indicator or what is going on in our society. Women, especially, are taught to put others first, no matter the cost. It is mostly automatic and deeply ingrained by our society. We’re on a treadmill for most of our days, uncomfortably wrapped up, in our never-ending to do lists. We get up, do our tasks, pay our bills, take care of our kids, try to make time for our mate (if we have one). We cram as much into each day as we can so we can “arrive” at the magical place in our heads where we can finally REST and simply BE.

The key to this is HOW YOU START YOUR DAY…for when you get up you consciously or subconsciously SET YOUR CHANNEL FOR THE DAY. If you are not consciously…

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