Technology has accelerated our lives to the point where we are numb. Most of us when asked how we are the answer is oftentimes, “I’m busy.” Everything is mixed in together. Boundaries disappear. Our lives becomes an endless rat race where we are always rushing. Never enough money. Never enough time in the day. Never enough.

ButterflyMoms.com is a wonderful site that gently guides mothers back into their own true purpose. Each of us comes to planet Earth with a purpose. If you have ever wished that life came with instructions then this is the site for you! Each day ButterflyMoms helps moms align with their own unique purpose. Take what you need. Leave what you don’t.

Our beautiful Sophia on her 1st Birthday. She died a month later.

The ButterflyMoms idea was birthed from the experience of one Mom, Maria Salomão-Schmidt, whose little girl Sophia gave her the two biggest life lessons. First she was unexpectedly born with Down Syndrome and second she died suddenly at 13 months old. The priceless gifts this little soul came to bring the world can be found daily in the very special blog/site we call ButterflyMoms (www.ButterflyMoms.com).


  1. Wow Mariaaaaaaa!!!!!!! this is terriffic—-you rock!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Lalalalalalalalalalal. Love you, fellow HTP1 soulmate, Louise

    • Beautiful Louise! Thank you sooooooooo much for reaching out! I hope you come back and share this with your friends! I adore you my love! MWAH!

      Great big hugs,

  2. Amazing information in your website, I always feel hugged when I am finished, sorry to miss your get together yesterday. Hope to make the next one. In Joy, Vicki HTP2

    • Hello Beautiful Vicki!
      Thanks for taking the time to reach out and be seen and heard! I LOVE the visual of your comment about always feeling hugged when you are finished reading the blog! That is soooooooo awesome! Learning through hugging! I like that!
      Great big hugs,

  3. signing up for site updates!!!

  4. Hi Maria.

    Had twins 5 weeks ago tomorrow – saw a post from you on linked in and came to your blog. Love that you are blogging. Going to bed now so more later. Be kind to yourself.

    • Beautiful Stephanie,
      It has been soooooooooooo long! TWINS! WOW! YOU go girl! I love that you are reading my blogs. I hope they help remind you of our days in SF when you were a “big girl” with no responsibilities and disposable income! 😉

      Looking forward to reading your comments as we enter this part of our life’s journey together!

      Great big hugs,

    • LOVE THAT YOU REACHED OUT GORGEOUS STEPHANIE. Savor it all! It goes by at a pace that you could never dream of and the ICKY moments turn into melancholy memories.

  5. Maria,
    You are a wonderful and beautiful person. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for being you!

  6. Maria!! It was such a pleasure to chat with you this morning at “Doug sent me” I feel like our little meeting was fate, I left feeling refreshed and inspired by you! You are truly a strong, beautiful soul:)) This blog is so great, thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom! I have a feeling I will be seeing you again & I’m looking very forward to it! Xoxoxx


  7. Beautiful Maria,
    you have a soul the size of the universe.
    Love you and all that you do.
    Thanks for everything. May we cross paths again any time it’s good, needed, wanted, whatever!!!
    love you always,

  8. she is so cute xoxo love you melanie said

  9. You share your story openly, honestly and with some contentment. I feel your pain and frustration! I too lost a child Triston. He suffered a hypoxic injury “lack of oxygen to the brain” during birth. This was a complication due to sever emotional trauma I suffered at 30 weeks pregnant!! I will noe get in to the whole story now, however would like to connect.

    Warm Reguards
    President at
    Angel Boy Art
    Erin Martin

  10. My daughter turned me on to your website. She thought you might be able to help me find real estate on Cape. Looking for my own place …Please let me know if you are involved in this sort of thing…

    • Hello Beautiful Susan,

      There are no coincidences beautiful Susan. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! How very wonderful!

      Great big hugs,

  11. Hi,

    I am a newish resident of Holliston and customer of Doug sent me. Your blog seems so interesting and useful and I look forward to exploring it more. perhaps it will help me with balancing a job and two wonderful little people, Sammy 3 and Alex 1.

  12. Wow!! First off… You are Portuguea? I am USA born but my parents are from Sao Bartelmeu, Acores. My husbabd and soul mate of 36yrs is from Santa Maria, Acores. Where can I get your book? If you ever come out to WA State, we are in Moses Lake, WA.
    I need some inspiration… found out on April 5, 2011, that I have breast cancer. I can’t believe and accept this, but I have no choice in the matter…
    Wishing for peace, love to you and your familia…

    Delores Fraga-Carvalho

  13. Blog is great, like a smooth sail across the water. THEN the responses you are getting totally go there. EXCELLENT and really good food for the soul!
    XO N

    Wishing you enough,
    Nancy Senior
    Certified Life Coach
    Ph 508-479-8547

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